Poland The work of students from the Zespół Szkół in Bielawa

My opinion about Poland in the European Union
by Aleksandra Mordek

I think that life of lots of people got better when Poland joined the European Union. Polish people found jobs and they could live and work in other countries. Western borders opened to the Poles. Now, we can travel without passports. I think it is easier. Poland was not a rich country but since we joined the E.U., I think Poland has had more money. We have better roads and more money for children - schools organize some additional activities after lessons. I also think that position of Poland in Europe is increasing. The country can decide about some events concerning Europe. We have not got common currency, but I think in 2012 we will have it because of Euro 2012. I hope that Poland will be a better country in the European Union.

My hometown
by Patrycja Sochacka

My hometown is Dzierżoniów. It is a small town in the south-west of Poland. I love this town. There are a lot of beautiful places but the town has some negatives, too. Our city centre is really nice but unfortunately shops are a bit too expensive. There are many unpleasant people but most of them are friendly and really nice. Policemen in Dzierżoniów are lousy. They are not helpful. I like our defensive walls, which remain of wars, beautiful churches and the Town Hall. There are a lot of green wonderful parks, many places to meet with friends and many events like concerts and entertainments as the cinema or discoteques. If someone does not like public places then he or she can go to the mountains which are near Dzierżoniów. I think it is really a beautiful town with many places to visit and admire. I love my hometown and this will never change:)

My hometown
by Alicja Helm

Bielawa is my hometown. It is a small town near Wrocław in the south-west of Poland. In Bielawa, you can go to a lake or walk in mountains. Many people from Bielawa work in Wrocław. When a weekend comes, young people go to 'Czako' to have a good time but many teenagers are bored. We have a swimming pool 'Aquarius' and a small uncovered swimming pool, too. When it is summer, a lot of people from Bielawa and not only go to the lake and to the swimming pools. In Bielawa, we havemany cultural events like Reggae Dub Festival, Sudeckie Lato, Mikołajki and Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy. I think that my town is so boring and very grey. I hope that life in Bielawa will be better.

Me and my hometown
by Krzysztof Poborczyk

My hometown is Bielawa. It is a beautiful town with a rich culture in south of Poland. Bielawa has got two parks, a big lake and three churches. One of the churches is very high. It has got a vantage tower. Thirty thousand people live in Bielawa. They are friendly, nice and understanding. I live in Bielawa and go to a high school - Zespół Szkół in Bielawa. My school is very friendly, teachers are very nice, too.

Me and my hometown
by Bartłomiej Górzyński

Hello! My name is Bartek. I live in Bielawa, in Poland. Bielawa is a small town but it is very beautiful. Thirty-six thousand people live in Bielawa. My town has got a marketplace, mountains and a lake. It is a very interesting place. My favourite place in Bielawa is the lake because I like swimming very much. The lake is very big and it has got an island. Oh, I have forgotten about the beach. People from the whole country arrive to Bielawa for holidays. I also like going to the mountains and when it is winter time in Bielawa I go skiing and snowboarding. When it is summer I ride a bike and a motorbike. I like my town because I live in it.

My country
by Artur Mędrek

The full name of my country is 'Rzeczpospolita Polska' but you can also just say Poland. Its symbol is a white eagle with a crown. Poland is a quite big country in Europe and is situated in its centre. Most people in Poland are Christians but the Polish can believe in what they want. There are thirty-five million people in Poland. Because I like army I would like to write some words about the Polish army. Some time ago the Polish army bought forty-eight fighters F-16 from the USA. It is a new age in Polish astronautics. We don't have many planes now but in the future Poland wants to modernize the army. We don't have a very big army of soldiers but we don't have any enemies, too. Maybe only Russia can be dangerous for us but we are in NATO and NATO is the strongest army in the world.

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