EMBRACING UNIQUENESS - cultural diversity as a European asset

The goal of Embracing Uniqueness is to strengthen intercultural knowledge and social integration while underlining the diversity of European culture.

In the project pupils will be exploring and documenting elements of their own cultures as well as learning about each other's communities and regions. Specific details are determined by factors like geographic location, population density and the local economy.

Trought working together pupils will realize that different communities may share similar concerns. Recognizing common factors may prompt pupils to investigate local problems and become more involved in finding solutions for community problems.

Pupils will be introducted to the idea of working together to create a European youth magazine that will be circulated inside and outside the participating communities. Thus the pupils will be serving as sources of information for distant readers. In this process the pupils will assume the roles of reporters and editors and need to be familiar with the role of the media in modern society.

The pupils will also develop both their foreign language skills in a realistic situation and IT skills when working with their texts, photos, sound bites and film clips. Trought working together project participants will learn to appreciate cultural uniqueness and variety within our common European heritage.

Countries Comenius Project


Aleksander Milcin Update: 08.09.2010