Spain The work of students from the I.E.S Castillo Del Aguila

by Celia Cedillo

My name is Celia, I am 16 years old and I live in Recas, a village 30 minutes far from Toledo. Recas is a quite small village and a lot of people from different countries live here (Romania, China, Morocco...) My father's name is Alberto and he is very hardworking, he has his own company, he transports vegetables from my village to Madrid everyday. My mother's name is Nelly and she works a lot too, she works in the same company, in the office. I have a brother too, his name is Samuel, he is 9 years old and he is a bit naughty. I am the other member in my family. I study a pre-university course because I would like to study something related to environment or caring handicapped people. We have a pet, it is a dog and his name is Roni. My parents are catholic and quite traditional, they go to the church every Sunday with my brother, I only go in special dates.

by Selene Rodríguez

My name is Selene. I am 16 years old and I live in Lominchar (Toledo). I study in the high school Castillo del Águila, in Villaluenga de la Sagra. I am a good student, I love riding on horse, going to bullfights, going shopping with my friends, reading horror books... In my family there are four members, I have just one sister, her name is Andrea and she is 9 years old, she likes playing computer games, watching films and playing with her dolls. My parents work in a butcher's and in their spare time they like going to bullfights and going out with friends. During the summer we usually go on holidays together for a week. At Christmas all my family joins and we have dinner together.

by Irene Bernal

My name is Irene, I live in Recas, a small village, and I am 16 years old. My father’s name is Federico, he works in a factory. My mother’s name is Ma José and she works as a secretary in the court in Recas. My sister is Gala and she studies computer engineering in the university in Madrid. My family is a normal family, they are not very catholic or very traditional and I love that. I go to school every day by bus because the school is some kilometers far from Recas. I am studying a pre-university course because I want to become a journalist. Recas, my village is quite small, the people know each other and it is a bit boring, so when my friends and I want to go out for party, we go to Toledo, we also go to Toledo for shopping because there is a big shopping mall there. My family and I usually go to the beach for a week in the summer, and I usually spend some days with friends from Ciudad Real (a town in the south of Toledo). At the beginning of September we have parties in Recas, it isn't a big thing but I enjoy a lot.

by Rosario Morales

My name is Rosario, I live in Yuncler, a village in Toledo. Yuncler is a small village. There is a primary school, a football pitch where the football team from Yuncler train. There are also tennis and basketball courts. There is a small library and an assembly hall that is used for everything: theater, parties, conferences and other activities. As in any other village, there are parks, shops and bars. The good point of Yuncler is that it is a very quiet place. The high school where I study is in Villaluenga de la Sagra, a village next to Yuncler, it is bigger. The high school is called Castillo del Águila and there are students from 13 to 18 years old. As I said before, my village is in Toledo, a very beautiful city. The only negative thing is that there are a lot of hills in Toledo and walking is very tiring, but you forget it when you see so beautiful things in the town. One of the most famous things in Toledo are the swords, which are made with the famous Toledan steel.

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Update: 08.09.2010