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Me and my hometown
by Ersin Kaderli

I'm Ersin. I'm 17 years old and I live in Istanbul. In my opinion Istanbul is too special city.Istanbul has natural and historical beauties. An example for its historical belongings is Dolma Bahçe Palace.Everbody must see it. In addition, There is bosphorus in front of that palace. What a wonderful wiev! So I can't pass by this bosphorus which is a part of that wonderful scene. If we need talking about our country, Nobody can shut me up. I'm really a patriot. Turkey is not perfect but I love my country. And I'm looking forward to show our country’s special and unique places.. We are waiting for you..Hurry up :p

My home town is Darıca
by Emel Yalin

My home town is Darica. Darica has a lot of attractions. Darica is famous for its beaches and amusement parks. These places are the most popular places among the young people. In addition, There is a zoo in Darica. This zoo has hundreds of animal species. On the other hand, Darica has also historical places. Darica Castle is the most popular among these places. Consequrntly, when you come to Turkey, Darica is the city that you should see..

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